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The Robotic Park

The RTP is  a collaboration between the state of Alabama, Alabama Community College System, AIDT, and robotics industry leaders across the nation.  The RTP consists of three individual training facilities, each targeted to a specific industry need.  The three buildings have an investment of approximately $73 million, including robotics equipment.

The Robotic Maintenance Training Center

The Robotic Maintenance Training center houses an industry training program where technicians are trained to work on robotic machinery. The 60,000 square foot facility is staffed by trainers supplied by top robot builders and is home to several major robotics and automation brands.

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The Advanced Technology Research and Development Center

The Advanced Technology Research and Development Center is a 43,000 square foot facility used for the purpose of research, development and the testing of leading edge robotics used for defense projects, space exploration and manufacturing processes. The structure houses appropriate infrastructure to support these activities with substantial outdoor areas for testing in a variety of environments..  Click for more info


The Integration, Entrepreneurial and Paint/Dispense Training Center

The Integration, Entrepreneurial and Paint/Dispense Training Center is currently in the
pre-construction phase and will allow companies to build and adapt automation for new and
existing manufacturing process. The facility will allow companies to train in manual paint spraying
techniques and robotic dispense training.

The Vision of The Robotics Technology Park

The RTP maximizes workforce productivity and global business competitiveness through innovative technological solutions in robotics and automation.

The Mission of The Robotics Technology Park

The RTP's mission is to provide a technically trained, highly skilled, and educated workforce for automation and robotics, to assist public and private entities in developing new robotics systems and technologies, and to promote the creation, growth, or expansion of companies through innovative technology solutions.

The Goals of The Robotics Technology Park

  • Develop and deliver company specific, technology focused training and education programs that meet and exceed company specific needs.

  • Provide a skill specific education and training experience that will assist employee/student advancement at all levels.

  • Provide appropriate facilities and workplace environment to meet needs of systems integration and to foster entrepreneurial opportunities. your social media marketing partner
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