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Executive Board Meeting-01142009

Executive Board Meeting-01142009
Date of Meeting
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama Plant
  • Board Members in Attendance
    Mr. David Minor, Chairpoerson - Topre, Cullman
    Mr. Joe Sparks, Vice Chairperson - Booz, Allen, Hamilton
    Mr. Jim Bolte - Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama
    Mr. Jason Putman - Pro-Air Services
    Dr. Marilyn Beck, President - Calhoun Community College
    Mr. Ed Castile, Director - AIDT
  • Board Members Not in Attendance
    Dr. Jan Davis - Jacobs Engineering
    Mr. Ralph Malone - Triana Metal Fabrications
    Mr. Brian Buckner - Yutaka Technologies
  • Others in Attendance
    Bethany Clem - Calhoun Community College
    Janet Kincherlow - Martin - Calhoun Community College
    Bayne Hughes - Decatur Daily
    Rick Maroney - AIDT
    Ronnie Smith - AIDT
    Kay Rice - AIDT

Mr. Bolte welcomed the group to the plant and shared information regarding the items required for the tour today. It will take place from approximately 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. after the meeting.Mr. Minor called the meeting to order. It was motioned, seconded and approved to receive today’s agenda. It was also motioned, seconded and approved to receive the minutes sent out to the board from last month’s meeting. The by-laws were reviewed. Dr. Beck made several suggestions under Articles II – VII. A copy of her revision was passed out to the Board for review. After some time was spent discussing the by-laws, Mr. Sparks commented that the by-laws were to provide management. They were trying to have a mechanism for the Board to have guidance. Mr. Minor asked “does the by-laws need to be reviewed again?” There was more discussion with regard to the term of membership. Dr. Beck suggested that the terms be staggered to ensure continuity of the Board. A question was asked if the next governor would appoint a new board. Ed replied that he doesn’t look at the next governor appointing a new board. All those interested are in support of this project. Ed stated that he, Mr. Sparks and Mr. Bolte would look at the by-laws with Dr. Beck’s suggestions. They will go back over them. Mr. Bolte asked if there were any other

  • PDF of Minutes
    pdf 047_bd meeting minutes 1-14-09-1.pdf

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