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Various Courses for the Robotics Industry

We conducted a variety of courses, all related to the robotics industry here in Alabama. Our courses are conducted by our trained staff, as well as trainers from our many robotics partners.

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PLC Training

From Beginners to Advanced, learn how to program and operate PLC's that run your company's process.

Robot Training

Get training in the latest robotic technology available for your industry.


Cameras are used within the production process to check for quality or to troubleshoot issues.


Several AWS welding courses are available, including Flux Core Metal Arc training and more.


OSHA and General Safety training relevant for the robotic industry. Certifications for some courses.


Our instructors come with many years of experience in the field of manufacturing, robotics, safety, and other industrial topics related to our mission.

Patrick Witt
Patrick WittRTP Asst. Manager/Instructor
Keith Reid
Keith ReidOSHA Instructor
Mark Turner
Mark TurnerPneumatics Instructor
Shane Snead
Shane SneadWelding Instructor
Dennis Custer
Dennis CusterRobotics Instructor
Larry Harris
Larry HarrisPLC Instructor

Credentialing for Code Welders

In addition to training, we are also an accredited AWS Welding Test Facility. We are equipped to provide the access to portable welding credentials for code welders.