Rockwell CLX5000 Advanced

Course Description

Day 1

  • Creating and Organizing a Project
  • Creating a Periodic Task
  • Creating an Event Task
  • Developing an Add On Instruction in Ladder

Day 2

  • Organizing Arrays
  • Creating a User-Defined Type
  • Importing Components
  • Entering, Editing, and Verifying Ladder Logic
  • Configuring a controller to Produce and Consume Data
  • Configuring and Message in RSLogix 5000

Day 3

  • Configuring Controllers and Modules for Ethernet I/P
  • Communicating with Local I/O
  • Allocating Connections
  • Retrieving and Setting Controller Status Values GSV/SSV
  • Programming a BTD Instruction
  • Handling a Major Fault on the Controller

Day 4

  • Managing Project Files
  • Updating Firmware
  • Integrated Practice: Developing a Studio Logix 5000 Project

Students attending the Rockwell CLX5000 Advanced Class must have already taken the Basic and Intermediate classes to be accepted into this class. If you have not taken the basic and intermediate courses, you will not be accepted into this class.

  • Course Length
    4 days/32 hours
  • Min Attendee
  • Max Attendee
  • Pass/Fail Required?
  • Certification Offered?