ABB IRC5 Electrical Service

Course Description
      The course is designed to teach students how to identify the electrical components, theory of operation, and introduce proper troubleshooting procedures on the robot controller. Approximately 50% of the course is hands-on troubleshooting of actual robot system and controller.

Topics include:
- Theory of operation of the robot controller
- Safety precautions used while troubleshooting the robot controller electrical system
- Description of components in the robot controller
- Principles of logical troubleshooting from power up through emergency stop loop and servo-system
- Input/output interfacing between the robot controller and peripheral equipment

Course objectives: After successfully completing the course, the participant should be able to:
- Practice safety as it pertains to the robot system
- Identify and use the teach pendant
- Run the robot system in manual mode and automatic mode
- Interpret and respond to event messages. Use event logs
- Identify different parts of the robot modules and arm
- Load system software
- Troubleshoot Power ON circuits
- Troubleshoot computer and drive system to a board level
- Troubleshoot Motors ON / Run Chains circuits
- Troubleshoot the Motors, brakes, and resolvers
- Properly calibrate the robot after a motor change                                                                                                                                                                  Interface an input device and an output device to the robot




Basic computer skills are required. . Windows 98, 2000, XP knowledge is preferred. Electrical Safety Knowledge is preferred.

ABB Programming I required.

Clothing is required! No Shorts, No jewelry, No tank tops, No open toed shoes, sandals or flip flops! This is strictly enforced! Long sleeve cotton shirts are required or student can bring company supplied ATPV Rated Shirt. They also need to bring their company supplied Eye Protection and Electrical Rated Rubber & Leather Gloves for making live measurements in the cabinet.
  • Course Length
    4 days/32 hours
  • Min Attendee
    2 per comapny, per class
  • Max Attendee
  • Pass/Fail Required?
  • Certification Offered?