Tuesday, 16 February 2021 01:00

Virtual Reality Training at the RTP

News Release | AIDT

The Alabama Robotics Technology Park (RTP) in Tanner, Alabama is pleased to announce the availability of virtual reality classes to new and existing clients. This new offering allows a client’s employees to take some of the most popular modules from AIDT’s partnership with TransfrVR which include Paint Robot Troubleshooting, Plant Safety, and Precision Measurement.

Virtual reality training perfectly blends various learning styles to be suitable for any type of learner. It comes with a multitude of benefits including safety for trainees, higher learning engagement, and higher retention of materials learned.

Paint Robot Troubleshooting introduces trainees to the paint robot and booth, standard troubleshooting steps involving moisture on or around the robot, and the most common problems and resolution steps to get the robot and production line back up and running. This module is designed for trainees with basic to intermediate automotive manufacturing paint robot experience.

Plant Safety introduces trainees to common safety considerations when working in a manufacturing plant environment. Trainees are introduced to the personal protective equipment, common tools, and safety situations they may encounter in the workplace. This module is designed for trainees with little to no experience in a manufacturing environment.

Precision Measurement introduces trainees to precision measurement instruments commonly used in manufacturing and assembly environments.  Trainees are introduced to each measurement tool, how to properly take measurements with the tool, and how to properly read the measurement tool indicators.  This module is designed for trainees who have basic math skills with no experience with measurement tools.

Interested employers may learn more about these courses in the course catalog and search for available courses in our course listing. Employers must be registered as a client of the RTP to schedule courses.